Besix vlog 2

Commercials, Portfolio

During my internship at 87seconds, I was lucky to be sent to Paris to interview a Flemish engineer architect (who coincidentally had also studied at the VUB) working for Besix. What was also super interesting was that she was the only woman on that site, and she lead a big group of men. We had a small team with a cameraman, a director, an assistant producer and me (who mostly interviewed her).

Hogent rebranding

Commercials, Short Film

The Hogeschool Gent (HoGent) wanted a rebranding video and asked 87seconds to help. On this project, I was both set dresser when needed and production assistent. We shot throughout Ghent with the goal to show another side of Ghent and of its University. We used actual students, professors and employees of HoGent as actors and had them read out a poem from a local writer.

Couleur Café Aftermovie

Commercials, Portfolio

During the summer of 2018, I co-directed this aftermovie with Cato Kusters as a part of my internship at 87seconds. Couleur Café is an alternative, family-friendly, world-music festival taking place every summer in the parc next to the Atomium, this iconic Belgian monument. 87seconds had already made the previous aftermovie, so Couleur Café asked them again. In turn, 87seconds trusted me and Cato to direct three different camera teams throughout the festival (3 days long). We actually had to make one film for Friday, one for Saturday and one for the whole festival. It was an amazing experience, with tons of great artists and quite a bit of sun.

Besix vlog 1

Commercials, Portfolio

During my internship at 87seconds, one of the first projects I took part in was this vlog-like presentation video of one of Besix’s employees. This was the first of a series of videos, meant to show all the different kinds of works and people working for Besix. We shot it in Belgium, in the natural areas around Namur and at the HQ of Besix in Brussels. In this instance, I was location scout, production assistent and make-up artist. Besix was quite satisfied with the result, and therefore asked 87seconds to make the other videos as well, going to other countries as well (France, United Arab Emirates, …). Unfortunately I only got to make one more video before my internship ended.

Rijksmuseum van Oudheden

Commercials, Portfolio

At the beginning of my third year at the Netherlands Film Academy, I made two tv commercials for the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden in Leyden (Netherlands). Thanks to this great experience, I got to see how to creatively make people (between 15 and 26 year old was our target audience) want to go to a museum. We had an extremely limited budget and timing to make them so I’m quite proud of how they turned out. The first one eventually got chosen to represent the museum. The other one couldn’t due to lacking rights.