Couleur Café Aftermovie

Commercials, Portfolio

During the summer of 2018, I co-directed this aftermovie with Cato Kusters as a part of my internship at 87seconds. Couleur Café is an alternative, family-friendly, world-music festival taking place every summer in the parc next to the Atomium, this iconic Belgian monument. 87seconds had already made the previous aftermovie, so Couleur Café asked them again. In turn, 87seconds trusted me and Cato to direct three different camera teams throughout the festival (3 days long). We actually had to make one film for Friday, one for Saturday and one for the whole festival. It was an amazing experience, with tons of great artists and quite a bit of sun.

Besix vlog 1

Commercials, Portfolio

During my internship at 87seconds, one of the first projects I took part in was this vlog-like presentation video of one of Besix’s employees. This was the first of a series of videos, meant to show all the different kinds of works and people working for Besix. We shot it in Belgium, in the natural areas around Namur and at the HQ of Besix in Brussels. In this instance, I was location scout, production assistent and make-up artist. Besix was quite satisfied with the result, and therefore asked 87seconds to make the other videos as well, going to other countries as well (France, United Arab Emirates, …). Unfortunately I only got to make one more video before my internship ended.


Architecture, Artistic research, Portfolio

The first film I ever made. Based on the film “Wings of Desire” of Wim Wenders, we had to take a single concept evoked in the film and make a short film about it. We chose the concept of antithesis, the opposing forces that play out throughout the film (humans and angels, mortals and immortals, black and white and colors, good and evil, …). This was also part of my architecture course at La Cambre – Horta.

Par monts et par vaux

Artistic research, Portfolio

During my second first year of architecture, there was a workshop during which we (a group of first and second year students) had to make a work of art unrelated to architecture. We chose this anamorphosis that evoked as much a sensual naked body of a woman as the hills and valley. During the presentation of it, we actually put some dry ice in buckets at the feet of the “paintings” to create a misty effect that would make it look even more like mountains and valleys (which is what that title means in French) before revealing, when standing in the right spot, the whole picture of a naked woman.

Small house on hillside

Architecture, Portfolio

This project, my second one at La Cambre – Horta, was meant to explore what makes a project. First we had to look at it from the surface of ground it would cover, second to determine where there would be a roof and where not, third to join these ground and roof surfaces with stairs, and finally to make it whole with walls, windows and doors. This lead to an ever changing project, as you can probably see.

Cabin of Le Corbusier: study

Architecture, Portfolio

At the start of my second first year of architecture, we (a group of 6-7 students) had to make a study of an existing house/cabin, designed by Le Corbusier. We each made technical and perspective drawings and a model on a scale of 1:20.


Architecture, Portfolio

My second project as an engineering and architecture student (my first one being this chair) was to make a shelter out of cardboard. We could then choose for whom it would be destined (I chose a hermit) and where we would place it (on a cliff in Ireland), and determine with which “real” materials we would built it (I chose a concrete-like aggregate mixed with the type of limestone that can be found in Ireland).

As for the form, I was inspired by the nautilus’ shell, which would create a unique and cosy shelter for my hermit. The outside should be simple, square, the size and shape of manufactured cardboard. In my design was included a bed (following the natural curve of the shelter), a table inside and a chair outside to reflect or simply enjoy the sun. There were windows as well, small holes in the cardboard version that would be replaced by glass bottles in the “realistic” version.